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Posted in NeutrinoCMS on 19.03.2008.

What is NeutrinoCMS all about.

As the development goes on, I think it is time for me to clarify some things about Neutrino. Specifically, I need to make sure people understand what Neutrino is not.

As far as the name goes, NeutrinoCMS implies that it's going to be something like Joomla or Drupal. Wrong!

Above all things, Neutrino is going to be simple. What does that mean?

Well, looking at all the CM systems out there, I've noticed one thing: they tend to get in your way. There are always some issues with requirement, maintenance, upgrades, and overall experience is - you spend more time maintaining instead of publishing content!

I might be way off, of course, this is just my personal experience. What I want to do with Neutrino is the following:

  • Install it
  • Use it
  • Amen

No fuss, no headaches, no complicated configuration, and nearly 0% maintenance after installation.

Also, Neutrino is not going to have installable components, modules and all that stuff. There will be only core package. No additional plugins and all that please-install-me-this-way-or-that-way crap.

It seems like most developers are using Wordpress. Now, I have no idea what's that like, and I don't really care. What I want is a CM system designed for developers. I want to be able to perform basic tasks:

  • Publish articles
  • Release applications, downloads and source code
  • Get some feedback / statistics

That is all.

This might seem like a blog, and it is true that it can be used as a blog but blogging is not Neutrino's primary purpose. Besides, reading about what you had for breakfast two days ago is not really that interesting. At all.

I want to make a CMS which will help us share our knowledge with the world in an unobtrusive way. (In the absence of knowledge, I guess crappy code is okay too...)

So programmers; hear ye, hear ye, I'm open for suggestions!

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jacmgr :: 24.03.2008 11:21:45
I like the basic philosophy you got here for neutrino. Good Luck and look forward to seeing it.
lecterror :: 25.03.2008 03:09:49
Thanks! If you have suggestions drop'em here!
Arwym :: 25.05.2009 17:51:24
I completely agree with what you say. It seems like lately, all CMS's, either suffer of featuritis, or are so un-intuitive and complicated that you end up spending more time learning how to use it, configuring and modifying it, than actually publishing new content to your website. Joomla is one of the best examples of that I can think of. And Wordpress is just the same crap, only disguised as a blogging application.

Yay for simplicity and "lightweightness"!
lecterror :: 26.05.2009 00:03:45
Hey Arwym! I'm glad you like the idea. I'm currently working on new features of neutrino and I can tell you it is difficult to draw the line of simplicity. Sometimes a feature adds bloat yet is extremely useful, and it is very difficult to decide whether it's necessary.

But we'll see when it's released... :)
Arwym :: 26.05.2009 12:01:49
My idea is that the CMS should only have the basic features that are necessary to accomplish whatever its goal is, and satisfy the audience it is directed to.
So in the case of yours, which is more aimed at developers, I think it one of the keys is flexibility.
I still have to try the CMS, which I probably will do between today and tomorrow, and once I do, I intend to comment in more detail. :)

I agree with you about features. :) Sometimes, choosing which features to add to your app can be more complicated than we imagine.