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Posted in Misc on 05.06.2009.

Impertinent mortal wormcast! Do you truly aspire to prevail against me? [...] Long before man hurled himself squamously from the primordial ooze, I waged war with gods and thwarted eternity!

With a nice intro like that, how can one fail?

Anyway, I've made a list recently, about ten common misconceptions about Linux. My original intent was to submit to The List Universe and publish it on my site before it gets published there.

However, when I woke up the next day (after submitting the list to LV), the list was already published. I will still publish the list here though, in the next couple of days. It will be the unaltered list, as the one on LV is a bit moderated. There are a few links missing and my panties are missing. Weird.

But, the story of this article is not only to announce the list. I've started reading recently, and this morning I've stumbled upon this article: So I start reading and...wait a minute. This seems vaguely familiar.

Holy crap was my reaction. Too bad JFrater (the owner of LV) didn't put the link to my site as I wished (and asked politely). That would have created some kick-ass analytics numbers.

I believe Linux needs more exposure of this kind. It seems like my assumption about the general public was true: complete lack of information about Linux. And sure, they could find out all that on their own, but who's going to make them do it? You can't blame people for not seeking information. [I can though. And I do. People. What a bunch of bastards.]

Obviously, high profile sites like LV and possibly radio and TV advertising could do miracles for Linux! Why can't I turn on someone else's TV (I don't have one..I hate that thing) and see a Linux commercial. It doesn't have to be "better than Windows" type of commercial. Just a plain "Linux kicks ass" commercial. Just to let people know it's there.

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