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Posted in CakePHP on 11.09.2008.

It seems like CakePHP is getting more and more popular, and we all know why.

I was curious today, and I decided to check the Google trends page and see what's going on with CakePHP.

Apparently, even though CakePHP is not covered by the media as much as RoR is, Cake is getting pretty close. Well, at least according to this graph:

Google Trends: cakephp, ruby on rails, codeigniter

I've included CodeIgniter, because it seems like people have doubts whether to use CI or Cake. I haven't tried CI myself, but I can recommend CakePHP any time of the day (and I do whenever I get the chance).

Since CakePHP is not hyped as much as RoR is, I think it is safe to assume that CakePHP is getting popular because it is good. And people tend to share the good things in their lives.

That being said, word of mouth is probably the best advertising weapon we have. We all know how good Cake really is, so spread the word, talk about it, make people try it out.

If you have your own site or are a member of a community, inform people, post links, write articles. RoR is obviously going down in popularity, and Cake should be the one to take the throne.

Speaking of thrones, when is CakePHP 1.2 going to take The Stable Throne? Anyone has any intel?

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Daniel Hofstetter :: 11.09.2008 08:26:55
I think RC3 is coming soon, but I have no clue when the stable version will arrive...
lecterror :: 11.09.2008 09:29:48
Blast, more waiting. :-/

Would you happen to know many RCs are planned? It certainly feels like forever...
Daniel Hofstetter :: 12.09.2008 00:15:39
I think RC3 is the latest RC. And yes, the stable 1.2 version is very late, it has a delay of ~1.5 years :|
lecterror :: 15.09.2008 07:44:10
That's a long period of time.

It's bad, because people still keep downloading 1.1 just because it has the "stable" label. We all know how bad this is due to the differences between 1.1 and 1.2.. :-/