Everything is drawing near

Posted in News on 30.06.2008.

Both CakePHP 1.2 and NeutrinoCMS 0.1 beta are drawing near.

The guys from CakePHP core team have managed to release RC2 version, which mean that the mythical 1.2 stable is drawing near. Congratulations to everyone who contributed. I'm really looking forward to it, as everyone else is.

Incidentally, NeutrinoCMS 0.1-beta is also drawing near. A lot of code has changed, moved, and rewritten, so we're bound for some bugs. But, for now, I'm happy with the progress, as the beta version will have additional features, increasing usability but not increasing the entropy. This remains the main guiding thought.

Neutrino will probably be released before my holiday (of course:)) One thing I'm planning to reconsider though, is the way Neutrino updates the database. It's not flexible enough, and I think I'll just try something similar to NoseRub migrations.

I hope that Neutrino is going to help spread the fine things out there, CakePHP, Markdown, Shadowbox, dp.SyntaxHighlighter and other libraries.

As a small preview of what's coming, on you can see the alternative face of NeutrinoCMS. It shows the flexibility of CakePHP and therefore, the flexibility of NeutrinoCMS.

Awesome, right? :-)

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