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Posted in Hatred on 23.01.2009.

iPod feels like the most overrated piece of crap in the world. Wait. That's not what I meant. I meant to say: iPod SUCKS. If you own an iPod just for the sheer joy of music, read on...

First of all, a disclaimer. I've never owned an iPod and I don't intend to. All I know about iPod comes from Wikipedia. But I've also never jumped off a cliff, and I'm fairly sure I don't want to.

A few years back, when I needed an MP3 player badly, I've looked everywhere. Why "badly"? Because I don't own a car, and I like to walk around the town; and walking around without an MP3 player during the rush hour isn't really my thing (I hate people, remember?). Of course, iPod is always available. Anyway, the better-than-iPod player I bought had to be specially ordered. My question is: why the hell? Because lo and behold:

Samsung YP-T8 1GB

Yeah, that's right. You, being a poor blinded iPod user probably never heard of it. This is even more sad due to the fact that this baby can roundhouse kick an iPod Chuck Norris style any time of the day. That's quite a sentence.

How so, you ask? Here, take a look at this random review:

Now, if you read carefully, you'll realize that this little baby has everything you will ever need:

  • 1GB of flash memory: who the hell wants 20GB of MP3s?? Are you going to Russia on foot? What is the matter with you?
  • 20 hours of battery: how much can your iPod pull off?
  • Formats supported - MP3, WMA, WMA DRM, OGG, ASF, WAV: I want you to take a long, hard look at this list. OGG. OK?

Although this linked review claims that batter life isn't what it seems, my personal experience has taught me different. I've left the player switched on overnight by accident, the damnest thing happened. He refused to switch off, he said to me: Listen man, I can go on like this longer than you.

Later on, he proceeded to say: Was is good for you as it was for me? But that's another story.

The sound quality is just damn awesome and cannot be described by mortal words (but not with the original headphones, they kind of stink ass and are supposedly just a backup). Software is very intuitive and simple (unless you're freakishly dumb, and in that case software is not supposed to be your primary concern).

Did I mention that once you plug it in your PC, no drivers are required? And the awesome additional stuff you get with it? And that you can carry it easily almost anywhere on you? Well they're not, it's awesome, and yes you can. Buzz off.

In a nutshell

Samsung YP-T8 1GB is one damn good player, with high audio quality and design. I've had it for a while now, and never had any problems with it. Never.

Now, if you plan on commenting with thing like "but iPod can also jump hoops and take out your trash", forget it. I can take out the trash myself. I want my MP3 player to PLAY MUSIC. PERIOD. And additional feature only makes the audio quality slightly more terrible. When they add up, you get an iPod.

And now for something completely different

I hear Monty Python and Apple are joining up to make a new brand, take a look:

Monty Python + Apple

(That was just in case you still disagree with me)

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Adam :: 23.01.2009 23:32:25
Normally I like your hate rants, however your first paragraph disqualifies you from making any judgements about iPods.

Sure, it's been a few years since I've used my iPod (I now ride my bike to work, and for all those reading, bike + ipod == dangerous!), however at the time it was the best thing since virgins were invented.

I could carry all 30GB of my songs wherever I went, have it automatically sync to my iTunes library and not worry about manually transferring files... AND another 10GB of crap (eg. movies) as well.

If I actually had a reason to get another mp3 player, I would definitely without a doubt buy another ipod, but this time I would be forced to get the 120GB one due to my expanding mp3 collection.

You're scared you'll actually love the iPod, just admit it.
lecterror :: 24.01.2009 08:21:18
(Comment split in two parts due to size..I guess the next version of Neutrino will fix this...)

Hah! Exactly what I was talking about!

My first question would be: why do you have 30GB of MP3s? Are you riding your bike to Russia so you need 8760 hours of music? When was the last time you actually listened *everything* in that collection? I keep about 7-10 albums on YP, depending on size, but normally at 192kbps. I just keep one album of each genre and style (one aggressive, one relaxing, one cheerful etc). When I get tired of a certain album I simply replace it with another of the same type. That way I have a background music for every occasion.

Also, you're mentioning 10GB worth of crap, and that was also mentioned in the article. I _can_ carry crap on my player too, but what's the point? It's an MP3 player, not a portable hard drive. I have a portable hard drive to carry crap. Mixing those two is just wrong IMO. Like I said, I want my MP3 player to play music, not mow my lawn.
lecterror :: 24.01.2009 08:22:02
Now, I realize you probably like the fact that your iPod is jack of all trades, but remember that the aphorism ends with "master of none". I want my MP3 player to kick ass at playing music. I don't want my cellphone to be my camera at the same time. I'll simply buy an ass kicking camera. A set of specialized tools, not one device that does it all "very averagely". Kind of like Linux vs Windoze :-)

I just hope you were not seriously offended, I don't hate you more than I hate myself :-P
Adam :: 24.01.2009 17:10:51
Actually, my version of the iPod (original 40GB, no colour screen) was just that, an mp3 player that had 39GB more storage than any other mp3 player around.

No, I don't intend on riding to Russia (would probably drown somewhere between the north tip of Australia and Papua New Guinea), but my point is that I have many many different styles of music I like listening to, and I could choose whatever I wanted depending on what kind of mood I was in. I didn't have to think in advance. I bet I saved hours not having to transfer songs manually.

Actually, I did end up listening to every song on my iPod! I added a smart playlist which served up a random song that I hadn't yet listened to. Sure it took a year of bus rides, but it was interesting to hear what sort of crap I had accumulated in my iTunes library!
lecterror :: 24.01.2009 20:37:12
Hmmm, I don't see how transfering files using iTunes is faster than "manual". USB transfer is a USB transfer is a USB transfer. Besides, Samsung also has a piece of software for that purpose, and converting, managing, etc.. I personally never used it, as pressing F5 in Total Commander is much faster than firing up another app and clicking all over the place.

Still, I can imagine that listening to all stuff you've accumulated must have been pretty terrifying? It will surely be a very unique experience if I ever do that. When I remember all the crap I have in my collection.. :-)