MediaView is a bleeding bastard

Posted in CakePHP on 08.05.2008.

Due to some issues with my downloads, I've decided to try MediaView. Too bad for me.

Yesterday, I found out that I have some trouble with my downloads. Lucky for me, I got some great help. NOT.

Anyway, I've decided to try MediaView, and oh boy.. MediaView is a royal pain in the ass.

First, all I got was a blank page. I asked myself WTH, and then decided to look into the source of MediaView itself. Let me tell you, it's not something you would expect.

First of all, if you set your file size in controller, that size will be appended to the file name as a string. Wait, what? Let me elaborate.

if ($size) {
    $id = $id . "_$size";

Well, that's interesting, to say the least. Why the hell would I want my file to have a file name which end in a byte size string??

Moving on.. If you specify a $ need to specify a path relative to the APP root. This is not an option. How amusing. Still, this makes an amazing combo with the fact that $id is actually a file name!

if (is_null($name)) {
    $name = $id;

And now for the fun part. The main if-block in the render method:

if (file_exists($path)
    && isset($extension)
    && array_key_exists($extension, $this->mimeType)
    && connection_status() == 0) {

This really is the most amazing bit. MediaView->mimeType contains a list of extensions and their mime-types. If your file extension is not there, what do you get? A blank page! No error message. No debug message. A blank page.

This makes for a fun developing experience, since even the most ridiculous extensions like .phps or .rar are not listed in the mimeType array. And this makes me wonder, why is there no fallback mechanism? If my file type is not found in mimeType array, why not see if function_exists('mime_content_type') and use that? In the end, if that fails too, why not just put "application/octet-stream" and let the developer deal with it.

Having all this in mind, I wouldn't say that MediaView is something we could call production-ready. I don't know. I might be getting it all wrong, but if I need to hack the file and add my own mime types in it, it's a long way from being good as the rest of the cake.

You can see the whole file here: MediaView source

In the end, this is how I got it working..

$fakeFile = new File($download['Download']['display_file_name']);

$path = FILES_REL; // path relative to APP
$id = $download['Download']['real_file_name'];
$name = $fakeFile->name();
$extension = $fakeFile->ext();
$download = true;

$this->view = 'media';
Configure::write('debug', 0);
$this->set(compact('path', 'id', 'name', 'extension', 'download'));

Well, good luck with it!

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Daniel Hofstetter :: 08.05.2008 10:36:52
I never used the MediaView yet, but depending on your requirements it may be easier to put the files for downloading into a subfolder of app/webroot
lecterror :: 09.05.2008 02:06:20
Well, it really depends on requirements, I wanted to count the number of downloads so webroot was out of the question for me.

But if putting files for download is the *only* thing you want, then you're absolutely right.

Thanks for commenting!
Kladizkov :: 11.12.2009 03:55:40
don't complain too much about a free software.. if you want any thing to be added, go and do it for yourself
Reuben Helms :: 10.08.2010 00:23:42
It's a comment for an old article, but probably worth a comment for CakePHP 1.3.

I kinda understand the size thing. It's not so much the size in bytes of the file, but the fact that you may have several resolutions of the same image. i.e. 20x20, 100x100, 640x480. I guess it's there to help with thumbnails, though a bit of doco in the code would not hurt.

It looks like the path is absolute now, and will be used if it exists.

It looks like the mime type whackiness still exists. Oh well, at least this post has a viable alternative. Many thanks.
Doug :: 26.04.2011 04:03:58
Disentangling Media View is a bit difficult. I had the same problems. Thanks for your solution.

Also, if anyone else comes across this here is a related CakePHP ticket:

(I've made a comment to refer back to this post...)