NetBeans and Vim

Posted in CakePHP on 14.04.2009.

NetBeans is the best PHP IDE out there, and Vim is the best general purpose text editor. What happens when you combine them?

I can tell you immediately what happens. You get an editor so powerful your underpants will rip in half and you will spontaneously self-combust. I'm not kidding, it has happened before.

For years, I've used Vim only when I had to. Basically, I knew only the few basic commands (the most precious being ":q" of course). Month-and-a-half ago, I've decided to take a closer look, and started learning it in depth. Now I know a lot more commands, but I am still a noob. Still, Vim is an amazing editor, and I don't even use EditPlus and such. There is simply no need to constrain myself to an advanced notepad, when I can have a Mercedes CLK GTR of editors. Please note that I'm not a car freak, I see them as means of transport. But this is not a car, it's a surreal pleasure apparatus.

So, check it out here: jVi - vi editor clone. Don't let the 1887-ish web design - or lack thereof - scare you away. Just download the package from SF, use the NetBeans plugin installer, restart and off you go - Vim in NetBeans!

Of course, it doesn't have all the features of Vim, but it does have enough features to be completely usable. So all of you were - old timers and weirdos - ranting about IDEs on the (now infamous) IDE thread can try one anyway.

If not, your bloody loss, innit? :)

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