NetBeans PHP framework support

Posted in News on 21.06.2010.

Does this mean we'll see CakePHP support in NetBeans soon? I dunno.

I've been pretty swamped lately, as you can see by the most frequent updates of my site. Yeah..I've know, throwing out articles like a madman. Um..perhaps not.

In any case, something caught my interest today, and NetBeans for PHP blog is to blame. An new post came out today, named Create support for your favorite PHP framework.

This means that someone, somewhere, somehow... could start working on a CakePHP plugin.

Since I don't speak Java, I'm throwing this out there, maybe someone will read it and say Well, I'm bored anyway.

But perhaps not.

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Ste :: 25.06.2010 07:59:30
For now, it seems that the the smarter framework support breaks code completion in views for non-supported frameworks.

Or is it only me / my setup?

I can't get helpers autocompletion to work anymore, using the old trick (dummy file with instatiation of helper objects in the app or cake path).

I've even set up a PHP code template ("help") for pasting something like this:
/* @var $this View */
/* @var $cache CacheHelper */
/* @var $form FormHelper */
/* @var $html HtmlHelper */

Excluding this glitch, i find nb 6.9 great. I'm not sure a cakephp specific support would be a lot better than how it is now
lecterror :: 28.06.2010 02:22:47
Hm, you're correct, the dummy file thing doesn't work for me either. However, if I include the @var directives in the view itself it works.

Try this if it doesn't work for you:

Let's just hope someone will make a "real" CakePHP plugin.. ;)