Neutrino 0.1beta

Posted in News on 05.02.2008.

Finally some progress with Neutrino development!

This site is now run by Neutrino 0.1beta with some smashing new features, such as:

  • improved search highlight to break HTML less frequently (still can break code snippets)
  • removed TinyMCE
  • implemented Markdown and dp.SyntaxHighlighter
  • switched from custom made auth to Cake Auth component (finally)
  • improved article data validation
  • modified article structure to include "introduction"
  • code cleanup
  • lots of small annoying bugs

So, what did I get with Markdown and dp.SyntaxHighlighter? Well, now I can type things like this:

    if ($me > $you)
        echo 'Sod off!';


    // example of an infinite loop
    while ($me > $you)
        echo 'Sod off!';

The output of the above scripts would of course be "Sod off!".

Sweet, eh?

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