Neutrino 0.1RC1

Posted in News on 11.02.2008.

After a long weekend, some good news - Neutrino has got a fresh new look (well, at least compared to the old one) and some new features. V0.1 is drawing near.

It's been an interesting weekend, and after a lot of template tweaking from Styleshout, I've managed to make Neutrino work with a slick new look. Here's a tip:

When you're creating an application with CakePHP, think in advance about templates and themes, it will make your life easier.

So here's what's new:

  • new default look
  • major code cleanup. (As I'm getting familiar with Cake, I'm starting to realize how much some bits of my code stink. But, I was expecting that anyway, it's always like that when you learn new tricks.)
  • article comments are now paginated in AJAX (finally!)
  • most of the input is validated a lot better than before (praise for the new 1.2 validation)
  • bakery-like "save and continue editing" feature for articles and article categories
  • Google sitemap

I was also trying to make the models a bit fatter and controllers a bit thinner. Not quite there yet, but I'm working on it.

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Dr :: 11.02.2008 07:18:22
Sounds good, and looks better :D
my name :: 11.02.2008 10:04:01
Whoops, Mrs. Higgins, you're sitting on my artichokes!
keymaster :: 21.02.2008 01:52:04
Is there a download of Neutrino available ?
lecterror :: 21.02.2008 02:22:38
Hi keymaster;

there is no download yet, I will make it available in 0.1 final, I'm still learning Cake and don't want to embarrass myself too much :-) If you're interested however, I can send you a copy by email if you'd like to make some comments & suggestions.
keymaster :: 22.02.2008 00:47:49
Ok, sure. Please send a copy by email.

I will exercise it over the next couple of weeks.