Neutrino is not dead!

Posted in News on 18.12.2007.

As you might know, I've successfully declared NeutrinoCMS dead. This turned to be too soon to declare.

Neutrino is in fact quite alive, now that I've discovered beautiful PHP framework called CakePHP. It is inspired by Ruby on Rails, and of course shares the MVC pattern.

More info will be posted here; sometime in the future. I am currently continuing my work on Neutrino (this site is now run by Neutrino 0.1alpha) so there is no time to write. (This does not mean you should not write comments below.)

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the devil himself :: 18.12.2007 09:01:24
Ja :: 19.12.2007 03:34:00
Aj neka :P
Ivica :: 19.12.2007 03:40:42
Blog ti je skroz ruzan :P :)
A captcha je skroz out. Pogledaj akismet.
lecterror :: 19.12.2007 05:27:41
Stvarno zelim bit "in", idem odma mijenjat na ask ismet, zelim bit ovisan o 3rd party serverima.. Vidim i na vasim sajtovima je instaliran, "comments disabled", stvarno dobar antispam.

Ako vas ovoje posaljem Necastivom na obradu..rasturit ce vas ko beba zvecku.
Opet Ja :: 19.12.2007 07:09:59
Disableani su jer je post stariji od misec dana. Njemu bilo napeto tako napravit.