Neutrino progress report

Posted in News on 03.03.2008.

A little update for those who might tracking the progress of Neutrino development.

In a nutshell, things are going swell!

I've managed to implement a complete AJAX comments system (submitting, paging, deleting..), slightly different than Ron Chaplin's, his post did help with getting the basic idea. Thanks Ron!

I've decided to make a simple db-based configuration for the site which makes implementing installation / update feature easier.

The auto-installation feature is coming up pretty good actually, and I've setup a private Trac/SVN platform to keep track of things (keep trac of things?). I've set the 1st of May to be the latest possible release date of Neutrino 0.1.

If I manage (I think I just barely might), I will release it sooner, but one never knows since my wedding is coming along too.. (Obviously, my GF must have her own Trac/SVN platform to, it's a scam!)

Stay tuned...

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