NeutrinoCMS 0.1-alpha is out!

Posted in News on 08.05.2008.

The first public version of NeutrinoCMS is out! Ready for bashing!

It is finally ready for the first trial, and the jury consists of you people, who know more about CakePHP than I do.

This is my first project in CakePHP, and mind the label alpha, so there will a lot of bullock code and design issues.

Also, if you're going to test it, and your downloads are not working, please read this article: MediaView is a bleeding bastard

I hope to get some feedback on this, good or bad. If you leave a comment here, or send an email to <> I'd appreciate it very much!

Oh and, Neutrino is available here: NeutrinoCMS 0.1-alpha download

Happy baking!

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Sam S :: 13.05.2008 07:21:07
Goood tasty treat. Nice work. I have only had a quick play with as it is interesting to see, it has a slight parallel to what I am thinking about getting cake to do.

Everything I have treid within it works perfectly, apart from the download couter (added article & category added file to downoad)

tasty stuff really is
lecterror :: 13.05.2008 07:26:12
Hey there Sam S!

I'm very glad you liked it! (Finally some feedback:-))

Did you try downloading when logged out? Article hits and downloads are not increased when you're logged in, I'm assuming one wouldn't want to count his own "test downloads" and article views.

If you have suggestions for improvements feel free to send an email.

Sam S :: 13.05.2008 09:14:45
Yep counter increases when logged, that is actually better i supposed wht eould you want to count the download tested by admin doh!!

Have need read through the source code yet, but hope to make the time. Only suggestion I can make at the moment is somekind of sweet titles thing to display tooltips, and the abitly to add a catergory whilst adding an article - so you don't have to click away from the article or what have you. Tooltips could be used to display some additional info to admin whilst editing

keep true to you name and Bake on!

ps source looks neat and tidy, I am gonna give your rerember me a try in isolation later too

atb - S
keymaster :: 02.06.2008 06:35:55
fyi - I posted a plug for Neutrino on the cakePHP discussion list, in reponse to a user's questions about available cakephp cms's.

Good job.
lecterror :: 02.06.2008 06:47:51
Thanks for spreading the news keymaster, I appreciate it!