NeutrinoCMS 0.1-beta has been released!

Posted in NeutrinoCMS on 10.07.2008.

After a lot of rewriting and arguing with my wife, the beta is finally out!

Some features have been fixed (comment paging), some added (ratings) and a lot of internals are different and (hopefully) better.

If you're not my wife (which is probable, due to the large number of people who are not my wife), you can skip the following paragraph:

I obviously have to thank my wife for allowing me to type and have fun, instead of washing the dishes and taking out the garbage. Thank you!


I have created the following series of dim-witted screen shots to highlight some stuff NeutrinoCMS is capable of in this release:

As you can see, I'm still learning Cake and thing are changing frequently. Not many features have been added, but the old ones have been improved.

Known issues

The only issue Neutrino has at the moment is a bit of a speed issue. I've been looking for a decent asset mapper, but every single of them has either failed and crashed my site or failed and didn't work at all. Neutrino is using a lot of JS and CSS files, so if you know a decent asset mapper for 1.2, let me know..

NeutrinoCMS is available for download here:

Before installing or upgrading, please read the appropriate file in the /docs folder, i.e. ~/docs/INSTALL or ~/docs/UPDATE.


There is no need for you to run the sql scripts to install NeutrinoCMS, just create an empty database and Neutrino will take care of the rest!

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or bug reports, please contact me at <neutrinocms[at]>

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vincenzo :: 16.03.2009 00:58:11
Akif :: 31.07.2009 10:40:42
Nice work. I will be looking in to this.
idalatob :: 08.11.2010 12:51:55
Link to a demo? Bit lazy to install it and really busy at work at the moment! :-) in fact I wonder why I am here in the first place.... But good work and keep it up.
lecterror :: 08.11.2010 13:51:42
@idalatob: Acutally, this site is a demo :) But I'm not giving you the admin access :)

Also, Neutrino will not work with Cake 1.3.x, so it's not relevant for learning as much as it used to be. I think I'll have to do an update soon, perhaps even a rewrite.