NeutrinoCMS is a git!

Posted in News on 10.05.2009.

After some consideration, I've decided to move Neutrino to git.

I'll be honest here. I am terribly lazy. Sometimes I'm so lazy I could ride a horse.

Well, never mind that, I was just going a bit mad up there. The new, official repository for NeutrinoCMS is located here:

All the new exciting stuff will be happening in the develop branch (and possibly some other once I get really used to git).

But beware: that branch is so terribly messy and broken you might end kicking yourself up the arse. It requires a massive cleanup.

As an added bonus though, you can try out the new migrations plugin and provide some feedback on that. It's still a very basic implementation and error handling is not something I'd call production ready. Still, I think it's a good start.

The difference between that migrations plugin and the best one I've seen so far by Georgi Momchilov is that mine allows you to update your data too, not just the database structure. Not in a very clean way, I must admit that, but you have complete control over the system. I'll let you decide whether that's good or bad.

Anyway, feel free to branch and play around. Since my spare time has decided to follow the fate of dinosaurs I'm more than willing to steal your code:


To paraphrase someone very grumpy: Just branch it, damnit!

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