Posted in Hatred on 11.10.2007.

Patriots. Probably the most dumb ass class of people.

Not many things can compete with the level of stupidity of a typical asshole who likes to call himself a patriot.

First of all, I'd like to make something very VERY clear. There is NO COUNTRY. There is NO STATE. There is just a bunch of assholes called politicians who love to take your money and drive in expensive cars. This apparatus called 'government' is all there is. If you say you "love your country" you're basically saying "I love being robbed every single day" or "I am very proud of being robbed for I am an idiot".

But, let's move on. If you look carefully at the history of human unkind, the only thing that patriots ever produced were wars and death. And they continue to do that even today. As an example, we have the WTC crash, also known as 9/11 (or in some TV shows as 7/11). It is bleeding obvious that this was an act of the US government. So, if your own government is killing you, why the hell would anyone want to be a patriot?!

Funny stories also come from The States. There was this guy who once in a verbal fight said "You can't talk to me like that, I'm an American!". What THE FREAKING HELL is that supposed to mean??? It just makes me want to punch you in the face! Even harder than before, that is. The "you can't talk to me like that because I'm an Assholeland citizen" effect is accidentaly from the US in this example, but it's quite common throughout the world. You might conclude that this is because all patriots are assholes. You would be right.

Here are a couple of general tips to remember, in case you are a patriot and want to cure yourself:

  • Your country stinks ass
  • Your country isn't worth shit
  • Your government is a bunch of turds
  • Leader of your government is The Ultra Turd a.k.a. Turdman (you know, like Superman, the difference here is that Superman has all these super-powers, and Turdman has the power to emit turds through his mouth)
  • You don't belong to the holy or chosen-by-God nation, in fact, your nation is a bunch of shitheads
  • You are an asshole and becoming a patriot will amplify that (or already has)
  • Patriotism sucks ass. Period.

Curing patriotism is not easy. In most cases the therapy involves dying in the battlefield. Let me elaborate. Patriots think that they need to fight for their country. We can see how this is illogical because we've established that there is no country at all. But still, this is what they believe. Then, their country leaders (turds) establish that some other country full of assholes is threatening to kill them all. Which is not true. They are saying this because they need to cover their inability to rule. Still, patriots believe them. Then, they all go to war and die.

I wonder what their mothers are thinking right now. And why don't the leaders send their sons and daughters to the battlefield. I mean, they are supposed to be the greatest patriots of all times. Oh yeah, I forgot. They only care about profit.

You know how much dog shit stinks when you step on it? Of course you do. This also applies in situations where you meet a patriot. You do the math.

Remember, the greatest patriot of them all was Mr. Adolf Hitler!

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