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Posted in CakePHP on 28.04.2008.

It seems like I might get a chance to promote CakePHP at work.

In my brief career, I didn't work on many projects. Most of these projects were actually upgrades and semi-rewrites of existing systems. I'm sure you can imagine the level of horror. Much like entering The Twilight Zone. Featuring Michael Jackson.

About a year and a half ago, I was reassigned to web development. Which was fantastic. After all, working on an intranet business application seen by few customers is not really gratifying.

Since then, I've been switching from intranet to internet, and worked on three different web projects. Of course, I cannot mention their names.

One of them was written from scratch, but this was before I knew about CakePHP. Yes, I know, it is sad. This was also my very first standalone web project. Turned out "not bad", but now that I know about Cake, it's not excellent either.

The second one...well..this one is tough, as I was a mere "technical adviser" and didn't really do much. But still, the code turned out to be a complete mess to maintain.

The third one is the king to all the chaotic projects out there. It was written by a guy "learning PHP" in "a month". So there you go. I actually have to upgrade and maintain bits of that..thing. I will put it mildly if I say it is terrible. Just...terrible. And I'd still be insulting all the terrible things in the world by saying it.

Still, there's light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems like I might get the chance to work on a web site, from scratch, choose the tools of the trade and all that. Of course, Cake is #1 on the list.

All I need to do is present Cake to everyone and win their hearts and minds. Possibly their wallets too (wish me luck on this one..;-)).

If you have an advice on how to push this through, leave a note..

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Daniel Hofstetter :: 29.04.2008 01:33:36
"All I need to do is present Cake to everyone and win their hearts and minds."

If possible, I would simply build it with cake, and only afterwards tell them you built it with cake.
lecterror :: 29.04.2008 01:40:30
Well, I do have to write the specifications before the actual work, but it might be quite possible to omit Cake in it, the "technology used" is still PHP.. ;-)