Profanity filter for B3S SubTranslator - alpha 1

Posted in News on 12.06.2008.

The initial version of profanity filter plugin for B3S SubTranslator is available for download.

Along with the dictionary backup, we have another plugin available for B3S SubTranslator: profanity filter

I've created a profanity filter plugin, because I am sick and tired of the swearing culture of the Balkan countries. People swear for no reason, and it's starting to piss me off. Actually, it's not starting, it's just continuing to piss me off.

Therefore, I've created a plugin with a default set of plugins to root out those most common disgusting profanity, with the option of user-made filters, i.e. expressions.

With those custom filters, you can search for anything you like. Each expression is either a search keyword or a regular expression.

This plugin is using the .NET syntax for regular expressions. A cheat sheet is available at If you need more info on regex, drop me a note..

If you create an ass-kicking expression, submit it and it might just get into the built-in list of expressions.

Profanity filter is available for download here:

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BA  :: 01.07.2008 11:33:57
Well, you got me laughing instantly just looking at the article's title. The first thing one notices reading an odd article listed at the front page is the amount of swearing you yourself use on this very site, for no obvious reason (damn this and that, pissing off, to name but a few :-)
I suppose you think swearing in English is noble as opposed to swearing in primitive Balkan languages.
So, as ironic as it is, you should give your thoughts a pass through your own filters before publishing online :)

May the fine devils take you never to return, as the old swearing in these parts goes.
lecterror :: 02.07.2008 01:57:12
Well, there are different types of what is considered profanity, and the importance of context.

Balkan folks use profanity to express the following:

* sad
* happy
* mad
* angry
* horny

They also use it for:

* greeting
* complimenting
* criticizing
* being excited
* being surprised
* saying hi
* saying goodbye
* translating cartoons for children
* everything else

Obviously, many people don't realize that profanity doesn't make you "cool" and that life is not a Tarantino movie :-)