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Posted in News on 01.09.2008.

Due to the lack of time for something else, here are some statistics so the few of you know I'm still alive.

Since the following month is going to be a royal pain in the behind, I won't have enough time to do anything useful on NeutrinoCMS. I got a few tips though, on how to improve some things, thanks to Daniel Hofstetter and other people. The other people will not be mentioned now, but will be in the future.

Anyway, since NeutrinoCMS development is going to be stalled this month, here are some interesting and not-so-interesting stats...

NeutrinoCMS beta has been downloaded 63 times by now, and has a rating of 4.5! Not bad for a hobby ;-)

The most popular article of all times is CakePHP and the infamous "remember me" cookie, even though the last version of the component, RememberMe component, the final word has been published a while ago. The former has 1161 hits while the latter only 137? Interesting. On the other hand, the "RememberMe" component itself was downloaded only 60 times and got a rating of 3?

Among the others, Creating a select box for a related model seems to be popular amongst the beginners with 333 hits. Simple DB based configuration for CakePHP apps is only slightly better with 353 hits, but they are both below the MediaView rant, MediaView is a bleeding bastard with 420 hits. I guess MediaView is still a bastard :-)

Some less popular are Code formatting and readability with 114 hits, and Creating robots.txt for CakePHP apps with 122 hits. I'm not disappointed though, they are both highly rated so I guess they are not that bad, just hard to find. :-)

Due to easy integration with Google, I got some more info: most of my visitors are from United States and Germany. I have a question for you: who's reading this from Murrells Inlet? Thank you.. :-) Apart from that, people come her from India, Canada, Italy, Argentina, China, UK, France, Spain...and many others.

My best referring sites are CakePHP group, The Bakery, and...well, Taiwan PHP group, PHP china? How did I get there??

Most people come to my site while searching for CakePHP related topics (most often searches: cakephp remember me, mediaview, cakephp cookie, cakephp emailcomponent, cakephp robots.txt). Which is very good.

Thank you all who return here now and then, for motivating me to continue learning CakePHP!

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Chad :: 02.09.2008 19:37:45
<- myrtle beach / murrells inlet area. I guess i am the win? :) Yeah, your site is one of my daily checks to see if there is updates. Keep it up!
lecterror :: 03.09.2008 04:28:45
Hehe, so you're the one keeping my site alive :-)

It's nice to see I have regular readers, although I don't have the time to write anything lately. Hopefully, in a month or so, I'll get some spare time to write more Cake stuff, and/or general programming.

Thanks and cheers!