To be a Git or not to be a git

Posted in News on 13.04.2009.

I've been learning about git lately and it seems to be an impressive tool. The question is, what now?

I've heard a lot of praise for Git, so I decided to give it a try. From what I've seen I can tell it's an amazing tool really worth looking into.

Even though the initial idea of distributed SCM may seem weird, once someone explains it to you properly things sink in and you start to think about it properly. I always though SVN will save us from the wrath of CVS (and it did, partially), but it turns out there is something better - Git.

So now what? Should I just move my local repository from SVN to Git? Or should I try something public like GitHub or The Chaw? Would a project such as Neutrino even be accepted on The Chaw?

Even if it was, what would be my benefits? Would my productivity increase due to peer pressure (note that I see that option as positive)? Would people branch and contribute? Could I even manage the workflow or would I destroy my repository within minutes? Ah, questions..

It seems kind of scary for me now. My current working copy of Neutrino is in such a messy state it would probably destroy The Internets. Do I want that kind of negative publicity?

There is much to consider, and no time to do it properly. If you have a piece of advice for me, leave a comment or send me an email, I'd appreciate it.

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_r :: 02.05.2009 12:06:25
In my company we use SVN purely and if working copies clutter up, ppl usually back them up and checkout from the reps for a new //clean// working copy. And as stuff and inclusions are needed you can clutter it up again.

At that time git wasn't known and most of my colleagues thought, I missed a "i", when I first mentioned git in the bureau. (igitt [german] = ick! / ugh! [en]) and after translation they translated it to "idiot" ... at that point I gave up.

If I would start now again, I would chose git, because you can never be sure, your svn-rep-server works forever. However for a one-man project svn is quite sufficient, imho.

lecterror :: 03.05.2009 10:16:36
Hey there _r!

Thank you for you valuable input. I'm currently thinking about several things: a) whether to use a public repo at all, b) if a) = true, github or thechaw? c) rewrite the entire NeutrinoCMS or just build on the existing?

In my head, Git is an awesome tool. Still makes me wonder though, as you said it, is it really necessary for a one man band? You've pushed me a bit in git direction, but still..