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BouleDeGomme :: 08.03.2009 10:31:29
Wow !

You just give find for me the best tool i searched for almost 5 years. A simple way to use (smtp) mail testing on a windows machine... (i never arrived to configure any mail tool on my windows machine)

The test mail server tool !

One click install, and it works ... wonderfull !

About Netbeans : i'm currently testing many IDEs. It could be my final choice. I just found that the java machine was memory killing with that IDE (500Mo used ...) ooops ! quite a lot ! But for all other features, i like it !
lecterror :: 08.03.2009 14:26:44
Glad I could help!:)

Yes, Java can be mind boggingly slow and hungry for memory. :-) I never got to 500MB with NetBeans, but I suppose it's possible for large projects.
D :: 26.05.2009 12:19:12
May I suggest using Git as a personal repository. It is one of the best ones I've found for managing my local projects quickly and efficiently.
lecterror :: 26.05.2009 12:24:32
I'm glad you've mentioned it, because I've already made that move:

Feel free to clone :)
CakeAPP :: 25.06.2009 12:00:52
I developed a useful tool to create full CakePHP applications online with an visual SQL Editor: