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Doug :: 10.05.2011 06:04:08
You're a legend. I just sat down and returned to your site to work on a problem of extending your filter to use customer-created fields and you've created this post - brilliant! :)
jbmere :: 26.07.2011 16:40:22
Hi, I've spent some time by trying to produce insensitive case filter through the beforeDataFilter without success.
I need to have much more skills that I currently have :-(

Should it be possible to get from you some hit about how to address the issue ?

lecterror :: 31.07.2011 15:11:05
@jbmere: For starters, you're supposed to use afterDataFilter, not before :)

Think of it this way: your conditions after a submit will be "normal", case-sensitive. You need to remove those, just like in this article, and then insert your own conditions where you could (for example) do a UPPER() on your field and strtoupper on your data from the form.

Does that help a bit?
Bart :: 31.07.2011 15:59:40
Awesome plugin and just what I needed :) Do you know how I can get the form to work with the standard issue Cake ajax pagination? I'd like to have the filter operate without needing to manually submit, so the user feedback is immediate.
lecterror :: 31.07.2011 16:30:59
Hey Bart!

Unfortunately, I haven't done anything to make the plugin work with AJAX, but it's a good idea for a future development. If you manage to accomplish anything, feel free to contribute ;)

Sorry I can't be more helpful with this. If only I was rich, then I wouldn't have to work and I could do all my hobbies like this one.. :)