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Francois VDW :: 06.11.2012 00:28:41
First of all, thank you for this great plugin !
I hit a problem : I'm using the Filter plugin in conjuction with pagination.
When I walk thru the pages ... Eg I jump to page 3. Then (from page 3) I filter the record using some valid condition which should return 4 records. The expected records are not shown. The problem come from the url which keeps the named parameter "page" (set to 3 in my example) which is outside the recordset limits.

To solve this, I did patch your component code : Method FilterComponent::startup()

// ::: Change
// $controller->redirect($controller->referer());
// ::: By
$controller->redirect(preg_replace('#\/page:\d+#','/page:1', $controller->referer()));
// ::: End FVdW - 06/11/2012 00:06:20

Which force the named parameter "page" to 1 !

Hoping it will help.
Alegna :: 15.11.2013 21:31:42
I'm impressed by this plugin. It was too easy to configure everything with Ajax pagination. Thank you for sharing your work. Now I'm wondering Where can I find the model query results filtered by this plugin? With the variable I set with $this->paginate() in my controller I can only see the limit of results defined by the pagination. (i.e, If the filtered records are 50 and my limit is 10 I'll read only 10 records and that's great for the
Alegna :: 15.11.2013 21:36:10
that's great for the screen output because there you have the prev and next links to the rest of data) but I need to create other kind of outputs like printing all the filtered records into a pdf document. Any hint will be of much help. I apologize my previous comment wasn't complete.
lecterror :: 17.11.2013 21:17:11
@Alegna: If you want to access unfiltered data there is an option for that. Or did you have something else in mind?
Alegna :: 18.11.2013 15:51:28
Well if by unfiltered you mean the data filtered by your plugin, but not yet filtered by the cake pagination, then I failed to see the option for that, even now. What I did to solve my problem was to use the persistence option of your plugin and use the cookie session where the query conditions are stored to duplicate the query with the exact same conditions each one of my users have selected from your plugin form, but only for the times when they need another kind of output (pdf,excel) for the exact set of records they can see paginated in their screens. All the same, once more thank you for your work and your time.