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lecterror :: 03.05.2011 17:19:57

You seem to have an empty index() function in your controller. Remember that this plugin does not *execute* queries, it only modifies existing ones.

So, you can start by putting something like this in your index:

$this->set('documents', $this->paginate());

Also, you don't need to include the filter helper yourself, the plugin should do it automatically.
jbmere :: 25.07.2011 18:22:57
Thank you for such excellent piece of code. It is awesome !!!

Nevertheless, I've a naive question. When filtering text (i.e. like clauses), how to do it in an insensitive case way? (i.e. strtoupper(field) like '%strtoupper(submitted_text)%')

Thank you so much

lecterror :: 25.07.2011 19:04:51
@jbmere: Check out the advanced usage article, it describes the procedure to do whatever you want with the submitted data :)
thumbdick :: 29.07.2011 16:55:24
Thanks for the great plugin!
If I can suggest something: I would like to see the 'reset' function for the filter. The other thing could be to default the filter results to 'starts with' instead of 'contains' when working with text, but I guess that could be done through the advanced usage. I'll just have to read that part too :).
Thanks again, good work!
Sanjeev Divekar :: 30.08.2011 13:56:25
Can you explain controller code for City belongs to State model?
I have state_id in City model and State model have
var $displayField = 'state';
What should be proper code for $filter variable in controller?