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lecterror :: 30.08.2011 16:28:59
@Sanjeev Divekar:

Did you mean something like this:

var $filters = array('index' => array('City' => array('')));

Or something else?
Paulo Martins :: 24.09.2011 18:53:37

Congratulations for this plugin, really helpfull.
I'm also writing to share a problema I had.

In the view, I needed to add this line of code:

$filter = new FilterHelper($this);

That's because I received this error:
"Fatal error: Call to a member function filterForm() on a non-object..." when calling echo $filter->filterForm('Document', array('legend' => __('Search')));

I hope this helps other guys with the same problem.

All the best.
lecterror :: 24.09.2011 19:39:05
Hi Paolo,

That would only happen if you're using CakePHP 2.0, in which case you're supposed to use $this->Filter instead of just $filter.

Carlo :: 09.12.2011 10:42:14
Hi, your component is the best one I tryed to filter data.
I've a problem: after filter applyed, when I change page (using paginator's rendered links) filter's fields loose their selected data so the user is confused because the fields are empty and the data are filtered.
What can I change?
I'm using CakePHP 1.3.x.
Carlo P.
lecterror :: 10.12.2011 17:32:54
Hi Carlo,

You are right, this is confusing, and unfortunately it is currently not implemented in any version of the plugin. I will see what I can do in the following days and let you know.