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Daniel Hofstetter :: 10.07.2008 01:10:46
If the robots.txt is static you could also put the file directly to app/webroot.
lecterror :: 10.07.2008 02:31:18
Yes, if the list of URLs is going to be static, physical file is definitely a better solution. Otherwise it would be a real pain to maintain...
Langdon :: 06.09.2008 02:31:27
Nice tutorial thanks. You just saved me the time of figuring all of this out for myself.
lecterror :: 08.09.2008 06:35:02
Thanks, glad I could help!
Paul Edenburg :: 08.03.2010 09:48:41
Important to add these two properties in your controller to make it work:

var $uses = array();
var $components = array('RequestHandler');

So this way you won't get errors like:
- Error: Database table seos for model Seo was not found.
- Undefined property: SeoController::$RequestHandler

Gr, Paul Edenburg