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Bad Dog :: 06.02.2009 00:48:56
Add route to app/config/routes.php

Router::connect('/fusion_charts/swf/:chart', array('plugin' => 'FusionCharts', 'controller' => 'swf', 'action' => 'proxy'));
lecterror :: 07.02.2009 08:54:50
Ouch..yes, I can't believe I forgot to mention that.. I'll do that in the next article on plugin usage. Thanks :-)
Daniel :: 17.02.2009 13:14:32
Hey, I'm fairly new to cake and have been having trouble getting your plugin to work, i've placed the code in the controller as stated and added the routing in in routes.php. I had a look at your examples and placed a pie2d chart render in my view, is there something i'm missing?

lecterror :: 18.02.2009 02:13:58
Hi Daniel!

Can you tell me what part is not working? Are you getting an error message? Can you see in Firebug that you're getting the SWF from the server properly (i.e. no cake error page or 404s)? Feel free to contact me by mail if you think it's necessary.

Daniel :: 18.02.2009 18:50:35
I found the issues, I was using the latest versions of the swf files and Javascript, I've replaced the FusionCharts.php and FusionCharts_Gen.php in the vendors folder and also replaced all the swf files with the latest ones and the FusionCharts.js with the latest an now have full FusionCharts 3 Eye Candy and functionality :D

Wouldn't of been able to do that without your awesome plugin, Cheers