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stabbie :: 08.07.2010 07:34:42
Good work, thanks for the update!
Antoine_Walker :: 09.07.2010 23:58:58
Thanks a lot for this plugin. I've used fusioncharts before outside of cake and I was elated to know that there's a plugin for it. I am unable to get it to show the swf on the page though. Firebug shows an error saying FusionCharts is not defined and points to this line:

var chart_Column3D2 = new FusionCharts("/bssd/fusion_charts/swf/FCF_Column3D.swf", "Column3D2", "600", "350");

Am I missing something? I followed the instructions to a t and read all the comments for possible hints and gotchas.
lecterror :: 10.07.2010 18:25:36
Hi Antoine,

Did you check the Net panel in Firebug? Are you getting any 404 errors? Can you also check the response of the request for fusion charts JavaScript file? If it's not JS, there's the problem... :)
Antoine_Walker :: 10.07.2010 21:23:20
Hi Lecterror, thank you for your quick response. I did check firebug and wasn't getting any 404 errors, instead I got a message stating that FusionCharts was not defined, so I realized that my FusionCharts.js file was no properly referenced in my view. Fixed it and voila, everything works now. Just one more question though, do you have any examples on how to use data from a CakePHP model?? I'm really new to cake and I'm having trouble getting data into the functions in FusionCharts_Gen.php like addDataset(),addChartData(), addDatasetsFromDatabase() and addDataFromDatabase(). You've done a significant amount of work and I really applaud your efforts. This is really useful for people like me.
lecterror :: 11.07.2010 16:28:39
Hi again!

Is there any reason you need to use FC class directly instead of the plugin (component) methods?

The idea was to fetch data using Cake's models, extract and process it with the help of the Cake's Set class and then pass it on to FC plugin methods (which will convert it to "native" FC format).

Could you provide more info on what are you trying to do and why is it a problem?