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Victor :: 20.02.2013 10:14:55
Hi there

I have tried to implement your Feedback plugin on my application, I am having an error on my view pages that says "Feedback.CommentsComponent could not be found". Can you please highlight where im getting lost?

Below is my code that i have used in my model,controller and view

Model Code

class ItSupportRequest extends AppModel {

public $actsAs = array('Feedback.Commentable');

/*other code*/


Controller code

public $components = array
'Feedback.Comments' => array
'on' => array

and the view code

<?php echo $this->Comments->display_for($itSupportRequestComment); ?>

Thanks in advance.
lecterror :: 20.02.2013 18:29:07
Hi Victor,

Did you activate the plugin in your application? It's mentioned in the readme instructions in case you've missed it.
Victor :: 25.02.2013 13:00:55
Yes, i have activated the two plugins and the error that i am getting now is
Strict (2048): Declaration of CommentableBehavior::setup() should be compatible with ModelBehavior::setup(Model $model, $config = Array) [APP\Plugin\Feedback\Model\Behavior\CommentableBehavior.php, line 42]

Any idea what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance
Victor :: 25.02.2013 16:04:20
If i can have a way of removing this error message that would be awesome. Please not i didn't change my CommentableBehavior.php file were the error seems to be coming from.
lecterror :: 27.02.2013 21:05:54
Hi Victor,

I've pushed a fix for this on github, please let me know if everything is ok.

Sorry about the delay.