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Kristis :: 17.02.2014 21:45:19
Hey, i'm trying to implement Feedback Ratings plugin,but i receive this error:

"Error: An iterator cannot be used with foreach by reference
File: ...\app\Plugin\Feedback\Model\Behavior\RatedBehavior.php
Line: 50"

It disappears if i change 'foreach ($results as &$result)' to 'foreach ($results as $result)' in RatedBehaviour.php, but other errors appear and the plugin does not work correctly so I'm guessing that's not the solution.

Could you help me with this issue?
Jota Quest :: 28.05.2015 11:36:59
Great Work!!! but i have one question,

I Have many comments on one post and i deleted this post, the comments remains , how do i delete also de comments when i delete a post?

Best Regards