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Adam :: 23.01.2009 23:32:25
Normally I like your hate rants, however your first paragraph disqualifies you from making any judgements about iPods.

Sure, it's been a few years since I've used my iPod (I now ride my bike to work, and for all those reading, bike + ipod == dangerous!), however at the time it was the best thing since virgins were invented.

I could carry all 30GB of my songs wherever I went, have it automatically sync to my iTunes library and not worry about manually transferring files... AND another 10GB of crap (eg. movies) as well.

If I actually had a reason to get another mp3 player, I would definitely without a doubt buy another ipod, but this time I would be forced to get the 120GB one due to my expanding mp3 collection.

You're scared you'll actually love the iPod, just admit it.
lecterror :: 24.01.2009 08:21:18
(Comment split in two parts due to size..I guess the next version of Neutrino will fix this...)

Hah! Exactly what I was talking about!

My first question would be: why do you have 30GB of MP3s? Are you riding your bike to Russia so you need 8760 hours of music? When was the last time you actually listened *everything* in that collection? I keep about 7-10 albums on YP, depending on size, but normally at 192kbps. I just keep one album of each genre and style (one aggressive, one relaxing, one cheerful etc). When I get tired of a certain album I simply replace it with another of the same type. That way I have a background music for every occasion.

Also, you're mentioning 10GB worth of crap, and that was also mentioned in the article. I _can_ carry crap on my player too, but what's the point? It's an MP3 player, not a portable hard drive. I have a portable hard drive to carry crap. Mixing those two is just wrong IMO. Like I said, I want my MP3 player to play music, not mow my lawn.
lecterror :: 24.01.2009 08:22:02
Now, I realize you probably like the fact that your iPod is jack of all trades, but remember that the aphorism ends with "master of none". I want my MP3 player to kick ass at playing music. I don't want my cellphone to be my camera at the same time. I'll simply buy an ass kicking camera. A set of specialized tools, not one device that does it all "very averagely". Kind of like Linux vs Windoze :-)

I just hope you were not seriously offended, I don't hate you more than I hate myself :-P
Adam :: 24.01.2009 17:10:51
Actually, my version of the iPod (original 40GB, no colour screen) was just that, an mp3 player that had 39GB more storage than any other mp3 player around.

No, I don't intend on riding to Russia (would probably drown somewhere between the north tip of Australia and Papua New Guinea), but my point is that I have many many different styles of music I like listening to, and I could choose whatever I wanted depending on what kind of mood I was in. I didn't have to think in advance. I bet I saved hours not having to transfer songs manually.

Actually, I did end up listening to every song on my iPod! I added a smart playlist which served up a random song that I hadn't yet listened to. Sure it took a year of bus rides, but it was interesting to hear what sort of crap I had accumulated in my iTunes library!
lecterror :: 24.01.2009 20:37:12
Hmmm, I don't see how transfering files using iTunes is faster than "manual". USB transfer is a USB transfer is a USB transfer. Besides, Samsung also has a piece of software for that purpose, and converting, managing, etc.. I personally never used it, as pressing F5 in Total Commander is much faster than firing up another app and clicking all over the place.

Still, I can imagine that listening to all stuff you've accumulated must have been pretty terrifying? It will surely be a very unique experience if I ever do that. When I remember all the crap I have in my collection.. :-)