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Adam :: 26.01.2009 21:39:36
Well, this conversation is a bit moot, since you'll never own an iPod.

My point I was making is that iTunes can automatically sync everything from iTunes to your iPod. So you download an album from BitTorrent (or buy it from iTunes store, meh) and drag it to iTunes library. When you next plug in your iPod, it syncs your libraries, making the iPod a mirror of your desktop library, including playlists, updated id3 info, volume adjustment level, etc, etc. Plus it was all through Firewire transferring at 400Mb/s so it was pretty quick.

My original point was, and still stands, don't review something you've never used. And no, I'm not a mac fanboi. But the iPod freakin rocks! Which might also be why I'd never heard of that Samsung player before reading this article.
lecterror :: 27.01.2009 12:16:20
As the Chosen One says: I employ you to reconsider :-)

At the risk of looking like a bastard, I must point out that you've missed an entire sentence in my first paragraph: "But I've also never jumped off a cliff, and I'm fairly sure I don't want to." Id est, I've never owned an iPod, and I'm fairly sure I don't want to. Some decisions can be made without personal experience.

I'm not trying to "review" iPod here, I'm just saying it too much. It's being advertised like it's the cure for cancer. This article is just pointing out that - as far as many people are concerned - iPod indeed sucks because it's not specialized, and that there are many splendid players out there.

I was in fact inspired by this splendid article which I read a long time ago:

john fanjoy :: 02.02.2009 01:24:15
I have to say the iPod is the mother of all mp3 players. The reason I have 30-60GB of music is because I love music and would rather spend our time transfering it once over night and then a little bit here and there than messing around worrying about what music I want to listen to this week or what kind of mood I'm in. I spend a lot of time on my computer as it is and I don't need to spend 15 minute more a day or week to move files around and make room for another "CD" on my little 1GB mp3 player. Phones come with bigger memory cards now a days man. That kind of mentality kind of reminds me of the people that tell you a comodore 64 is better than an x-box. I'm not saying the ipod is a perfect machine. I'm just saying that it's well worth the money (I've gone thru 3-4 and still say that) for the amount of time I have saved away from the computer and enjoying good tunes.
Gordon :: 08.02.2009 18:52:30
I use an iPod (80GB "Video") because I can put Rockbox on it, and have plenty of space for my CD collection in FLAC. I don't listen to clarinet and bassoon solos, so I prefer a bit more quality in my digital audio :p There's also the minor fact that I obtained it for less than $100 on eBay :)