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Baz L :: 16.05.2008 08:35:47
Why are you doing a manual find on the user? The Auth::login() takes care of that. You can feed $cookie straight to it. Might need to set "token" back to "password" though.
lecterror :: 16.05.2008 08:42:41
That's actually a very good point.

I think something didn't work when I tried that at first, but that was my first contact with Cake, I might have done something terribly wrong... :-)

I'll try it and update the article if I succeed this time. [doh]

Thanks Baz ;-)
rtconner :: 27.07.2008 22:40:27
is that really a good idea just store the users password in a cookie like that?
lecterror :: 02.09.2008 07:35:47
Hi rtconner,

I don't worry too much about that. If someone has access to your cookies, I think they are the last thing you need to worry about.. :-)
Zarate :: 28.11.2008 03:52:28

This is not quite working for me atm. I've tracked down the problem and it's that by the time UsersController.login method is called, the data.User.Password is gone.

Not sure exactly where yet, but the Auth component is called BEFORE, does its magic, unsets the password and by the time you want to use the password value for the cookie, it's just blank.

I'm on Cake RC2, is this supposed to work there?