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Chad :: 30.06.2009 22:33:21
Thats a good tip. I don't remember seeing this in older versions of cake 1.2. Is this something they recently introduced?
Richard@Home :: 01.07.2009 03:51:29
Will this still delete items dependant on DocumentItem too?
lecterror :: 01.07.2009 04:15:58
@Chad: I didn't see it either, so I assume it must be newish..

@Richard: That's actually a very good question. I will try it out and let you know.
lecterror :: 02.07.2009 02:36:05
@Richard: Just tried it, it appears to be working correctly. Another win for cake.
Jesh :: 03.07.2009 21:07:17
What i normally do is set the relationship between two tables in database instead of manually set the dependencies in PHP. Of course for MySQL your table type should be InnoDB.