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mishmash :: 24.09.2012 21:18:48
Inside, the risk is great... But anywhere outside, the passive smoke from cigarettes is negligible. It wont hurt you any more than car exhaust will hurt you. If you drive a car it releases fumes that can not only hurt a few people but the whole world! Are you a killer? No? This is your logic. Truth is there is very little data on how much cancer is actually caused by second hand smoke. Yes it raises your risk of getting lung cancer/heart disease but so does a myriad of other things.

So don't worry. More than likely, you will be killed by a million other reasons than cancer/disease caused by SHS.

I was a smoker myself. I hate cigarettes. I hate that people smoke. But I know how hard it is to quit. Smokers aren't rational because they are addicted and most cant stop on their own even though they want to... And yes, its as real of a addiction as heroin/cocaine/...

They need help and they don't get it from such arrogant rants. Because that's just how you come across - as arrogant.
Andy :: 01.11.2012 21:17:08
I feel for you and all the non-smokers. when the crap comes flying through the air and you mistakenly sniff on it and you feel disgusting. trust me, most smokers know this for a fact that they are doing something wrong which they shouldn't be doing.
i smoke and god i cant tell u how much i hate it. but i still do. it may be killing me inside slowly, but what in the world they made this shit out of, i cant. and i have tried 20 times to quit it. i even quit it for 2 years but the bitch feckin keeps getting back at me. i dont know if it keeps coming back to me or i go back to it. either way, i hate it and i really wish i had never ever touched this shite.
A fecking smoker :: 31.12.2012 16:20:16
You are hilarious. I appreciate your view, and concur with your hypothesis. All I wanted was a damn cake php filter plugin that I can use real quick though... This morsel has distracted a total of ten minutes of my extended work night.