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poulet :: 06.11.2012 14:36:31
Nice way to put in relief bunch of things in Linux, nice article.

"There is no reason why something like a media player or a web browser needs to be installed in the system, since it is not essential to the system in any way imaginable."

Note from marketing: Are you kidding us?? xD
Logan :: 23.11.2012 04:01:35
I think I agree with everything save 1.5 things:

0.5) Perhaps rather than doing away with many choices, they need a common back-end binding. For example, Windows has CLR which allows many different languages to access the same .NET runtime API's. It's pretty fantastic. If Linux had something like this (for really any branch of software), it would greatly increase the devlopability(?) of... well, those things. Definitely needs a major overhaul, but I think the greater choice is a benefit in the long run IF something like a linux CLR can be developed.
Logan :: 23.11.2012 04:01:56

1.5) On repositories... I see no benefit to what you're saying. With repositories, the package manager should handle dependencies for you if the program creator packaged the thing worth a damn. If not, then the all-in-one solution will fail as well. So, for both arguments, let's assume the developer is good enough to distribute it properly. Well, with the all-in-one distribution, it's very inefficient and you have multiple copies of the same libraries lying around. With Repos, you just have to install what you don't have, and it SHOULD be taken care of for you. Besides, there sort of is self-contained sets: Debs, RPMs, etc. Now, the segmentation between distro's in that case DOES annoy me.

Made me split it up.... Sorry.
Amar Ashworth :: 12.12.2012 01:27:26
Linux is trash, albeit compelling trash it is still just amateur trash. The defenses for Linux are just couched arguments for an utterly underdeveloped OS. The fact that I cannot find a single distro that will run Netflix out of box, because of Linux's own internal issues with DRM,or the fact that not a single distro will run my printer properly even with drivers, Or that Linux does not display color correctly, etc. etc. media problems, etc. etc.
Henk Hagedoorn :: 15.11.2013 14:30:43
I agree with what you are saying - I am also a Linux user, as well as a programmer.
Instead of constantly trying to 'innovate' (see e.g. Gnome 3, Unity, etc) satisfying their own ego's, they should focus on streamlining and incrementally improving the software. A desktop environment is not a goal in itself, but only serves to start 'real' software.
Yes, the Window's dll hell is nothing compared to what Linux offers. This has prevented me from developing Linux software for many years. I would recommend Lazarus, which solves this problem, It does not compile against the C/C++ headers which can change - never change an external interface !!!. The applications do not need to be installed. They will have a size of >= 2 Mb - with the right compiler options. There are no dependencies, libraries, etc. You can also create Windows, Mac and Raspberry Pi applications: create once, compile everywhere.