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Henk Hagedoorn :: 15.11.2013 14:38:42
Just to be clear, I don't agree with Amar Ashworth (directly above) who is just trolling, but I agree with the main article (by lecterror).
Ron :: 14.09.2014 14:29:33
I know the article is over two years old, but sometimes things happen in unexpected ways. Still not the year of 'desktop Linux' but in a strange way, yes, the 'year of Linux' has arrived.

Not the year of GNU/Linux, but the year of Android/Linux -- as I like to call it (never saw it elsewhere). I see a figure of 500,000 activated devices running this OS.

You can't walk down the street without seeing someone with their eyes glued to a hand-held computer running Torvald's Linux kernel. Who would have thought Linux would have come to the masses, in this strange way? Just without the GNU (but with apologies to Richard Stallman).

Did anyone else ever look at it in this way?

Thanks for the help with the pulse audio equalizer -- your kind comments got me interested in visiting your web site.
mevsme :: 16.03.2016 09:00:51
Still actual in 2016 :-(