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Wilco :: 06.03.2009 07:51:10
When I use this class with your example code, instead of the regular mail() function, the HTML is added in Microsoft Outlook 2003 as an attachment.

Do you have any idea, why it's not displayed directly?

Thanks in advance
lecterror :: 06.03.2009 08:14:55
Well, I can't say that I do. Knowing Microsoft, it's probably a faulty MIME parser.

Did you try opening your generated mail in Thunderbird or GMail? If they are doing it wrong too, then we have a problem.

If not, Microsoft has a problem..
Wilco :: 09.03.2009 02:33:47
I finally found the problem!

It turned out that the MailComponent did not added the 'MIME-Version' to the headers of the email.

So I edited this in the cake-core.
lecterror :: 09.03.2009 03:11:38

If you have the time, help the cake devs and file a patch+test case on cake trac, I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

roberto :: 30.11.2009 12:42:19
Do you know if there is a way using EmailComponent in CakePHP to parse a raw email into something readable?