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Assman :: 26.05.2008 10:06:19
You have serious issues man...
lecterror :: 26.05.2008 10:08:50
Indeed so!

Sadly though, this makes me perfectly normal for the modern world, doesn't it? :-)
etipaced :: 24.11.2008 20:48:28
I've really been enjoying your "Hatred" posts, man. Keep it up :) I found your site looking for CakePHP help but have been much more entertained with these other posts instead. I agree with you on a bunch of your points but let me give you a little encouragement on the female frontier... they're not all that jacked up (the girls I mean). Mostly just the young ones. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until you start dating the 30-somethings for the maturity to kick in. Keep hatin'... war out.
lecterror :: 25.11.2008 10:03:19
Hi etipaced!

I'm glad you like 'em, but unfortunately not many people agree on the subject of hatred (as you can see by the article ratings). Oh, I forgot to mention that I also hate people who rate articles with one star. Bastards.

I know not all women are like this, but let's be honest: most are. It's the same with men, we're mostly dim-witted ignorant plonkers and eejits.

I'm sure my wife will have something against me dating 30-something women, but I'll make a mental note anyway :-)

Yep, I have one. :: 02.05.2009 11:50:37
As there is at least _one_ reason to hate something, this category hopefully will persist and remain a piece of calm water in this hell of rough sea called 'Beautiful World'.

Well, in my opinion, I wouldn't bent me for a woman. Even if you live in a city full of men [e.g. close to a technical university], there is still a chance, that a woman really hears 'Hi, [I am interested in a chat with you]', when you say 'Hi' to her in a bar or whatever.

And for the rest: You are in a bar man! Get a drink and enjoy it, there are at least 3 billion woman in this world, this biased jerks emotional IQ might be a one-digit value! They can't all be Bling-Bling wild silicon-based shoe-eating monsters! So head out for one whose EQ is