Celebrating the 500+ downloads of NeutrinoCMS

Posted in News on 11.03.2009.

Is there a better way to celebrate than to ask people if they want a new feature in the next release?

Contrary to my expectations, NeutrinoCMS 0.1-beta was downloaded more than 500 times!

I know this is not a large number for many of you out there, but it sure as hell is to me. You have to consider the fact that this website is quite small and unknown to the general public. Not to mention the fact that this is my first stand-alone open-source project.

Given the extremely positive post by the author of FileShifter, Martin Westin, how could I not be enthusiastic to continue working on it? I sure am. And I hope I'll deliver some nice goodies.

But enough bragging. We all know how awesome I am. Right?

My question to you my fair ladies is the following:

Would you like to see unit tests implemented in NeutrinoCMS?

Whatever your answer might be, please leave an explanation in the comment along with it, or drop me an email:

P.O. BOX: neutrinocms[at]

I know it might seem strange that I'm asking this question in the first place. Cause, you ask? Well, I've never done anything with unit tests, and although I understand their value, I'm not sure if and how much will they be useful in a project such as NeutrinoCMS.

If you don't provide feedback, I will kill this man:

A random victim

Errrr..wait. That's not what I meant.

If you don't provide feedback, I'll let him live. So there.

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BouleDeGomme :: 11.03.2009 15:29:36
I don't care for now about unit tests. So ... eat him ! :o)
Just goes the way you want, it'll stay a good start app to learn more about cake.
Daniel Hofstetter :: 12.03.2009 03:10:07
I think the users of Neutrino don't care much whether there are tests, at least I don't see tests as a feature. However, for you as a developer, writing tests is a good opportunity to learn something new, so go for it ;-)
lecterror :: 12.03.2009 14:54:37
Thank you both for your input.

I didn't really intend to make any unit tests and call them a feature. I'm just wondering whether good test coverage would give more confidence in the final product? Is it something that should be considered an advantage over similar products?

I'm still unsure of the answer. (It's not 42)
Daniel Hofstetter :: 14.03.2009 09:23:21
I think in the longterm it is an advantage to have tests, because tests usually lead to a better design, hence it becomes easier to extend the application. And it helps to prevent that you break the application by accident. In the short-term, however, it will probably slow you down.
lecterror :: 14.03.2009 16:26:55
Yes, you do have a point there, long term benefits. 1:0, tests are in the lead now..