Posted in Hatred on 30.08.2007.

Well, I believe that politicians should be on the hate list of pretty much everyone.

The only so-called people who love politicians are their wifes. And in some cases, their mothers too. Walking around in what they believe to be a fancy suit, in which their fat belly and even fatter bottom can barely fit. It has been reported that some of these 'ghastly objects' are observable from outer space. Hubble unnecessary.

The thing is, politicians don't really do anything. I mean, yes, they do talk much, but so do you, and I don't see anything useful coming out of all that. A first class example of politician can be observed in the government of USA: George W. Bush. The man is DENSE. He cannot even pronounce a complete sentence. For example, if you say something like: Variant that specifies a function pointer or string that indicates the code to be executed when the specified interval has elapsed., to G.W.Bush, this will sound as: Something that something a something something or something that something the something to be something when the something something has Osama Bin Laden.

You see kids, to become a politician, you must be stupid. Evil is also recommended but not required (that's the domain of religions, we'll talk about that too some day). But to become the president of the entire country, you must be a dense daddy's boy, high class redneck with some family members in Florida to setup the votes. And this is just a simple example.

I however, live in a country called Croatia. Some would say this is their homeland, I call it 'the place where I accidentaly happen to live in this slice of spacetime continuum' or 'bullocks' for short. In Croatia, politicians have many privileges. As an example, you can rob people, kill under the excuse of war and then claim it never happened, lie to the general public straight in their ugly face, lie about your political adversaries, pretend you're honest while collapsing the economy and making profit on those poor bastards trying to survive.

The funny thing is, those bastards can't do anything about it. In some countries, politicians quit when the general public finds out about their dirty underwear. But not in Croatia. You can do whatever you want and still keep the job. Isn't that something to be happy about?

Another example of an excellent politician is the croatian chief of police (or whatever his title is) - minister Kirin. Everyone has seen the stupidity that lactates from this man's brain and mounth, he has brought shame to himself and his family and his party.. Still, the guy didn't quit. Still on the stage, waiting to be hit by a bottle in the head. Or possibly something that comes out of a weapon.

So remember, if your daddy is a politician, kick him where it's soft and dark. If you see one in the street, try to run him over with a car or a tank. Clean the Earth!

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