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Tinos :: 23.11.2011 05:03:52
I faced the same dilemma. Once holidays started I tried Ubuntu 11.10, Mint 12 RC, Mint 11 & Kubuntu 11.10. Ubuntu sucks 'cause of Gnome, Mint 12 RC (Release Candidate) kept crashing, Mint 11 gave me extremely slow internet for some reason, and Kubuntu crashed and wouldn't start up again (I blame KDE). I've been using Xubuntu for a week or so, though, and it's mostly fine. Torvalds has gone with Xfce.

However I just woke up this morning without sound! No idea wtf is going on there; sound still works fine on Windows 7 partition.
Tinos :: 23.11.2011 05:15:58
Woot! Just worked it out; I had to deselect the IEC958 switch in Alsa mixer. It magically turned itself on after some update. It turns analogue into digital. Lack of intuitive audio controls is one serious issue with Xfce (which I'm sure they'll improve).

It's too bad I'm now going to have to re-install PulseAudio etc. :(
lecterror :: 26.11.2011 15:19:01
Hey Tinos, I've seen a lot of complaint all over the internet, people are moving away from Ubuntu ona massive scale. I'm not sure why Canonical is not doing anything. I know admitting one's mistake is difficult, but come on..they are only hurting themselves.

Glad to hear you got your stuff fixed :P
tshirtman :: 26.11.2011 21:27:33
"""Basically, what I'm saying here, Unity team, you go tell my wife what's the name of that Torrent-downloading app she's used to. Also, tell her why her windows keep disappearing. In other words, feck off."""

Or maybe she can type "torrent" or "download", if you think that's too hard for her, maybe you should start thinking she as a brain, yeah, even women have one nowadays!
lecterror :: 27.11.2011 00:11:44
@tshirtman: Why don't you just wait a few years; you know, grow up, learn how to write coherent sentences and learn how not to be a sexist troll. Also, do try to pop your head out of your ass, there's a whole world out here.

Does you mom know you're using the internet?