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bwilt :: 31.05.2008 22:56:16
Thanks for the article, been thinking of implementing something of this nature for a while. I like how you passed a parameter to get rss specific hits.
lecterror :: 02.06.2008 02:18:12
Named params are my favorites ;-) I like their readability, they kind-of replace the old style URL params, i.e. ?stuff=value becomes /stuff:value.

Thanks for commenting, appreciate it!
Khaled :: 19.04.2009 03:57:51
Thanks, used it and it works smoothly, try to contact Cake's team to include it in next Cake releases
lecterror :: 19.04.2009 08:39:01
Heh, that flatters me, but I don't think so :)
Ultimate One :: 30.06.2009 07:04:02
great article - thanks.
Useful tip for reference if you see some strange errors when trying this out...

Remember the behaviour will need <?php and ?> around the source code provided for hitcount.php

Other than that - thank you for this great work!