Neutrino related downloads, releases, patches etc..

NeutrinoCMS 0.1-beta

NeutrinoCMS is a publishing system for developers.

In beta release, a lot of code was fixed and rewritten, with simplicity as the primary guiding thought.

Before installing, take a look at the ~/docs/INSTALL for some basic instructions. If you're updating from a previous version, read the update instructions in ~/docs/UPDATE.

You will need at least CakePHP 1.2 RC2 to run NeutrinoCMS, and I assume it will work just fine with the nightly builds too (not tested though).

Test it, play with it, try to break it, and send me your comments, suggestions and bug reports to <neutrinocms[at]>

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

NeutrinoCMS 0.1-alpha

This version of NeutrinoCMS is obsolete! Please look for the latest release in the NeutrinoCMS download category!

NeutrinoCMS is a publishing system for developers.

This is my first CakePHP project, and this is an alpha release. So, I wouldn't recommend using it on a live site (though it would be a nice test;-)).

You will need the 1.2 nightly build to run it.

Feel free to play with it, suggest changes and improvements, I am ready to take all the good and/or bad comments at <neutrinocms[at]>

Looking forward to some feedback!